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Coconut water is everywhere and for good reason! It’s a delicious drink with superior hydration and nutritional qualities. The fruit, important to many tropical cultures for generations, has experienced an incredible rise in popularity world-wide.

But with so many coconut products on the market, what makes CoCo Joy coconut water special?

The CoCo Joy range is the ethical choice when it comes to coconut water. We take every step to ensure there is minimal impact on the environment in growing our coconuts.

The plantations used by CoCo Joy in Vietnam and the Philippines employ sustainable harvesting techniques. This means we take into considerations regenerations and the long term wellbeing of the harvest. Our practices on the land involve maintaining or enhancing the natural coconut resource base for the long term.

Care of the human resources which are required to make our coconut water is also of prime importance to CoCo Joy. Social responsibilities such as the working and living conditions of our local growers and the needs of the rural communities in which they farm are taken seriously.

State of the art factories and good working conditions which align with fair trade principles means that local farmers receive ample compensation. And because farmers are being paid more, they are less likely to overgrow monoculture coconut crops and destroy local biodiversity. Furthermore, the fact that CoCo Joy coconut water is certified organic helps to ensure that the local ecology and people are not put at risk from chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the production process.

CoCo Joy is proud to part of the improvement of local people’s life quality and the development of the local rural economy in our farming areas. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and understand our customers care about ethical consumerism.

With CoCo Joy coconut water, not only are you getting the best tasting coconut water out there, you can feel at ease that we are doing right by our local producers and the environment.

We believe good things will happen if we make every effort to get the balance right!


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